School Journal

Perhaps the most important item in your child's schoolbag, our School Journal is used to record homework and to communicate with parents/ guardians from time to time.

The School Journal is not a private journal or diary. It can be inspected at any time by any teacher and parents/ guardians are encouraged to look through it at least once a week.

At the beginning of the school year, check to ensure that all the permission slips are completed at the front of the journal. Then, check it each week for recorded and completed homework and to see if there has been any communication from class teachers. If you notice that there are days where no homework has been recorded, please discuss this with your child. If you notice that homework is not being completed regularly, please feel free to contact the school to avail of extra advice and support.

There is a section at the back of the journal for correspondence between parents/ guardians and the school. If you wish to send a note to a teacher or the school, please feel free to use these pages.