We expect all our students to attend school every day.

If your child is unable to attend on any particular day please phone the school to let us know that they will not be in attendance on that day. If your child is not present for 9am roll-call, you will receive a text message from the school alerting you to their absence.

On returning to school, a student who has been absent for any reason must present an Absence Note at the office. The Absence Note can be found at the back of the School Journal.

If a student has a doctor's certificate/ appointment card, please present it at the Reception Desk at our main entrance. Students may only leave the school for these appointments if collected by a parent/ guardian.

Students are required to attend school until they are 16 years of age or until they have completed the Junior Cycle (whichever comes later). We recommend that all students remain in school and complete either the Leaving Certificate Traditional or the Leaving Certificate Applied. 

Carrick-on-Shannon Community School is required under legislation to report all students who are absent for 20 days or more in any school year to the Child and Family Agency.