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A UCAS panel of international higher education leaders will answer questions from Irish students (and those from other countries) on Thursday, 23rd April 2020 from 11am on their Facebook page which you can access here.

SUSI Grant and Application

Students who wish to apply for Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) grant may do so from the 23rd April 2020.

For more information on this grant, please see the presentation below. (You can download the presentation by clicking on the thick blue bar below.)

To see if you are eligible for this support, you can use the Eligibility Reckoner here.

CAO News:

  1. Since the publication of the 2020 Handbook, some institutions have made changes to the courses on offer. Refer to the CAO website for updated information etc. on all courses available through the CAO.
  2. We have been asked by the CAO to encourage students to become familiar with the services on offer from the CAO, particularly in the Student Resources section.
    1. Calendar of test and interview dates for 2020
    2. Details of HEI Open Days
    3. Contact details for Admissions Officers
    4. School Liaison and Access Officers (in the HEI Contact Details section)
    5. Demo Application facility


The Supplementary Information Form for applicants with a disability or specific learning difficulty has two purposes: to facilitate applicants in alerting HEIs of any special needs and any facilities that might be required; and to supply information to be considered for supplementary admission procedures including the DARE scheme.

The HEAR form should be completed by applicants who wish to be considered on the basis of socio-economic disadvantage.

Information is available through and in the DEAR/DARE/SIF section of the CAO website.

DARE/HEAR supporting documentation to arrive in CAO no later than 5.15pm on 15th March 2020.


It is important to note that exemptions are a seperate matter to supplying HEIs with information about a disability or specific learning difficulty. 

If an applicant, for any reason, is seeking exemptions from minimum entry requirements (e.g. exemptions from Irish or modern language requirements) then they should contact the Admissions Offices of the Hgher Education Institutions they are applying to (or, in the case of NUI institutionsm they should apply to the NUI without delay and no later than 21 days after opening their CAO account - see for details). Applicants must make arrangements for exemptions each year they apply.