Book Lists 2022/2023

Book Rental Scheme

All students are eligible to join our Book Rental Scheme.

This year, books can be rented at a cost of €80 per student (€45 per student with medical card). For households where there are three or more children attending the school, the scheme is capped at €210 per household.

It is a condition of the scheme that students can only receive one set of books and all books must be returned at the end of the year for audit purposes. Students will, by-and-large, receive the same set of books back from the school at the start of each year if the student continues their membership of the scheme.

You can pay for your child's books through Simply log on to your way2pay account and click on the Book Rental bill to pay using your debit/ credit card. A receipt is automatically generated for you and sent to your phone by text message. For students with a Medical Card, please click on the Book rental bill and pay €45. You can present your medical card to the front office after the 8th August 2022 and we will settle the remainder of the bill then.

Students who wish to opt-out of the scheme can use the lists below to purchase their textbooks.