Junior Cycle Enrolment


Enrolment Form (Stage 2) is now live! Please clilck on the link below to complete your child's registration!

Our website is a great source of information about our school and we recommend that you take a look at the various programmes on offer and familiairise yourself with our policies and procedures.

If you would like to know more about the school, you will find a lot of useful information for 1st Years under the 'About' tab on the home page of the website, particularly under the heading Use Bits and Pieces.

We don't publish pictures of our students on our website (or online) for reasons of child protection. We also have a Facebook Page and an Instagram page which you can use to receive notices of upcoming events and view projects etc. completed by our students. We will also be launching a new app for parents/ guardians and students over the next few months.

To help you with picking your subjects, our two Guidance Councellors have prepared a short PowerPoint document for you to view:

Admissions Statement

You will find our Admissions Statement via the link below:

1st Year Enrolment 2021/ 2022 & Junior Cycle Enrolments 2021/ 2022

To enrol in the Junior Cycle Programme in Carrick-on-Shannon Community School, you are aksed to complete two forms in line with our Admissions Policy, which is in line with national policy in this area.

  1. Complete and submit online the Junior Cycle Enrolment Form (Stage 1) This is the process by which you notify the school of your intention to enrol your daughter/ son. If you are unable to complete the form online, make an appointment to come to the school and complete the form there. This form will be available from the 1st February 2021.
  2. If your child is transferring from another secondary school to Carrick-on-Shannon Community School, please download the Student Information Request Form by clicking here and ask the Principal of your child's current school to complete the form and return it to The Principal, Carrick-on-Shannon Community School, Co. Leitrim. The information collected on this form should not be made available to Carrick-on-Shannon Community School until after you have received an offer of a place in the Community School.
  3. The school will acknowledge the receipt of your application to enrol and you will be invited to confirm acceptance of your child's place in Carrick-on-Shannon Communtiy School.
  4. On receiving the offer of a place in the Communitiy School, you will be invited to complete your child's registration in the school. At this stage you should complete and submit Junior Cycle Enrolment Form (Stage2). This form, which will be available online from the 5th March 2021, seeks further information from you (permissions etc.) which is used to verify the information on the Stage 1 Form and to complete the DES P-Pod student file. This form must be completed by the 26th March 2021. If this form is not completed by this date, the school will determine that the student no longer wishes to attend Carrick-on-Shannon Community School and all information on Enrolment Form (Stage 1) will be deleted.

We look forward to seeing you in Carrick-on-Shannon Community School!